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What's Included in the Strategy Call?

  • Dr. Greg will take the time to listen to your current pains and frustrations

  • You'll get clarity for what's possible for your skiing future

  • You'll learn how to make the necessary revisions to your current strategy to meet future goals

  • You'll Optimize your current strategy

  • You'll Decide if the Legaski (Alleviate, Acclimate, Accelerate) Return to Ski Program will allow you to reach your maximum potential

See Success Stories of Client's I've Worked With


"I'm a skier for the U.S. Ski Team and like Greg's unique approach to rehab and training. He greatly helped me prepare for competition"


"I've noticed improvements in the mobility of my ankle as well as the strength of the hip and knee. If you're on the fence of working with Greg, you should just do it!"


"On top of helping me get back to the ski hill, Greg's been able to help me get back to running. His care is lifestyle based, which I wasn't getting from normal PT."


"Working with Greg has got me right back where I used to be. I can stomp jumps and tricks like I used to, without worrying about my back."


"As a snowkite coach and backcountry guide, I understand the importance of working with someone who knows what they're doing to have the best chance of getting the best results."


"I was able to pass my PSIA Level 2 examination with what I learned from working with Greg"


"As a former competitive colligate athlete, I knew I had differences from side to side. Greg helped me work through these pre-season and also gave me advice on my ski technique and I've been having a blast this winter."


"I was able to identify my asymmetries pre-season and I noticed that even my ability to cut to my weak side improved. Now that I'm back to snow, I'm making some of the best turns I've made in my life."


"I tore my MCL and Greg gave me the confidence and the exercises to get back to skiing without the fear of reinjury "


"I had knee pain for years and Greg helped me get back to skiing and biking. This is the strongest I've been in years!"

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